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USD 10 Million+ Sold on “The Belt and Road”! XCMG Leads Central Asian Market

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USD 10 million+ order value!

XCMG large-tonnage bestsellers herald export in quantity again



Recently, XCMG large-tonnage wheel loaders LW1400KN, LW800KN, LW700KN and other hot-selling models were once again delivered to Central Asia in quantity.


Explore Steadily with Powerful Products


Central Asia is among the regions with the most abundant mineral resources worldwide, this is where coal, iron and copper ore resources top global rankings, and to effectively reduce mining costs, high-value demands for construction machinery equipment keep rising.



More than a decade ago, XCMG wheel loaders made inroads in Central Asia; at that time, local large-tonnage wheel loader market dominated the world by product advantages of “more stable performance and quality” in foreign brands. With gradual penetration of XCMG’s products from small and medium tonnage to medium and large tonnage, it gradually gained momentum.



It is industry-wide recognition that mines are characterized by heavy workload and long continuous operation time. “XCMG products boast extremely high cost effectiveness, more stable performance and high-end configuration.” The customer made pertinent comments.


Thanks to years of experience in R&D and production of large-tonnage wheel loaders, XCMG serves as a unique manufacturer in China with mature technologies for 35-ton, 14-ton and 12-ton wheel loaders, breaking the monopoly of overseas brands in Central Asian large-tonnage market.



From 3 tons, 5 tons, 6 tons to current 7 tons, 8 tons, 14 tons of wheel loaders, Central Asian users prefer to choose Chinese brand and XCMG.


Win-win Cooperation for The Belt and Road


Powerful, stable and reliable XCMG LW1400KN reduces fuel consumption by 15%, widely applicable in large-scale mines, ports, coal mines and other heavy load and continuous operation harsh conditions.



Mounted with XCMG’s proprietary intelligent management system, it can access various operational data in real time through devices such as mobile phones, PADs and computers, thus improving operation efficiency; maintenance status and longer equipment service life are available to earn more value for users.


XCMG also designates service engineers to offer customers product operation and daily maintenance guidance training, and provides common spare parts to guarantee high attendance and work efficiency.



In Central Asia, XCMG secures foothold as a leader in the wheel loader segment, and its share even surpasses 60% in hotspot markets.


In 2021, XCMG’s three new repair stations in Central Asia are put into operation, aggregating the functions of complete machine display, spare parts warehousing and customs supervision warehouse, improving aftermarket capability in an all-round manner, and further enhancing the reputation of XCMG brand through superior service and spare parts supply.


To seize large-tonnage market in Central Asia is XCMG’s main strategy of globalization

Join forces with overseas customers to co-build “the Belt and Road” and share fruitful results.